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Shalom Dear Friend,

If you got to this page you are probably passionate about learning modern, conversational Hebrew, and first off I want to say Kol Hakvod!

(meaning in Hebrew, I praise  you for it!). People want to learn Hebrew for many different reasons:


  • You have friends you wish you can speak to in Hebrew.
  • You have family members you wish you can speak to in Hebrew.
  • You have a significant other you wish you can speak to in Hebrew.
  • You planning a trip or moving to Israel and want to be get by on your own.
  • Or  you just simply in love with this beautiful language 😛


Whatever your reason may be, you’re in the right place!


You may have been following my youtube channel or facebook group in the past year and half and benefited from my learn conversational Hebrew videos and study aids.

I started creating this content because I saw there was a large demand from people to learn practical , modern Hebrew in a fast easy to understand way. So I developed a unique method to achieve that goal exactly. Hebrew is not an easy language, but as I am myself, fluent in 3 languages (Hebrew, English, and Spanish) and lived in different countries, I know what are the best ways to learn a language is in a conversational mode.

What do I mean by conversation mode?

Well most Hebrew classes and courses will teach you a bunch of stuff in the Hebrew language that are not going to be useful to you in a day to day conversation and communication. (Grammar, punctuation etc.).  

The learn conversational Hebrew method on the other hand is, as the name suggest, is all about learning how to converse in a day to day situations. This is how it works:

You get a video with a live conversation, you see subtitles for every sentence and phrases, and you get a downloadable PDF to help you practice with transcript of the video with translation , plus you get all the vocabulary of the conversations so you will know what  each and every word means and the other forms of the words (male, female, plural, singular).

Now your’e probably thinking, wait a second, how do I read the subtitles aren’t they in Hebrew? No, the Hebrew words are written in English letters and they are written in a way that will get you to pronounce the words exactly the way you are supposed to say them!

Let’s watch the sample video below to give you guys a clue how easy and fun this is, just hit play below!



I can tell you that from my personal experience that growing up I picked up a lot of the English I know just by watching movies in English with Hebrew subtitles.

And as you can see from the feedback I got this past year and half that this is the fastest, easiest way to pick up conversational, modern Hebrew, Check out what people think on Learn Conversational Hebrew!


Thank you for the new video and PDF material. I have heard some phrases before but I couldn’t reproduce them. And now they become undestandable to me. Toda raba!

Galina, Russia

  I am learning something I can not get from Rosetta Stone-Israeli slang! Thanks.

Lucy Fisher, United States

  More please! (lol) i liked it and learning slang is good! I want more! Most books don`t teach much of this. Thank you Ori!

Christopher Biggs, United States

  ani be israel now and i love it :) its very hot but great… the lessons have worked and i know how to start a conversation in ivrit now !!! toda ori :)

Natasja Wisniewski , Netherlands


Thank you soooooo much for this video. I really would like to return to Eretz Yisrael and be able to speak to people in Hebrew. This is simple enough for me, again thank you. Most of the people know English in the shops. I had so much fun listening to people talk on Ben Yehuda street. It was a blast. Thank you for this good beginning! Regina Dexant,United States

Your videos are great! They have really helped to advance my conversastional Hebrew. Thank you very much.

Alma, Trinidad and Tobago


 I love each one of your videos, thanks for taking your time to make them. GOD bless.

Tiffani, United States


Here’s the “Secret” winning formula for learning conversational Hebrew:

Seeing +Hearing +practicing= Speaking Conversational Hebrew!


Pretty simple ha?

So what will you get in the “Learn conversational Hebrew” Course?

  • 10 videos+PDF files to practice of Hebrew Basics
  • 10 videos + PDF files to practice of advanced Hebrew conversations.
  • Full support to answer questions you may have!
  • A private platform for the course members to interact among themselves, practice and ask questions!

Special bonuses($297 worth of bonuses for free!):

  • Hebrew Alef bet (ABC) video+PDF.
  • Hebrew Characteristics video+PDF.
  • Hebrew Pickup lines video+PDF.
  • Hebrew phrases for your pet video+PDF (dogs, cats).
  • Holy places in Israel video+PDF+Pictures.
  • Israeli Food Brands video+PDF+Pictures.
  • Body Parts in Hebrew video+PDF+Pictures.
  • Colors in Hebrew video+PDF.
  • Hebrew Holidays Video +PDF.
  • Special Request Videos and Content, You ask I provide (:


Gold Members Only!

But wait that’s not it, for those of you who want to learn even more and take their Hebrew to the next level. I created a monthly membership section where you will get access to more new, amazing content every month.

  • Learning through Hebrew movie scenes!
  • Learning through Hebrew songs!
  • Learning through Hebrew News!
  • Learning through Hebrew Commercial!
  • More Live conversations!
  • Create lessons based on your requests!
  • And many more surprises!

Get fresh new Hebrew content delivered to you once a month!


So how much is it all worth?

Well, usually half of an hour class with a tutor costs you around $30 ,

so if you get 20 private lessons + the special bonuses you see that this is all worth $997.


But relax this is not going to cost you $997,

not even half of that ,

not even a 100$!

You can get access to this amazing

one of kind

Learn Conversational Hebrew Course

for only $37!!!!


For the price of 1 private lesson with a private tutor you get:

  •  30 private lessons that you can
  • learn at your own time!
  • Wherever you want!
  • All these cool bonuses!
  • And Full Support to answer your questions!


And if you will choose to get the monthly membership as well you will get the first month for  $4.95 and only $14.99/month after!


This is by far the best deal in the market for people who are truly seeking to learn Hebrew!


But the price will go up soon, so act now and start learning the Hebrew You Need!


I am 100% confident that this course is the best, fastest way to learn conversational,modern Hebrew, but just in case you’re still not sure this is for you ,I’m willing to offer you this:

If for any reason you are not happy with my course,

you have 60 days!!!to ask and receive a full refund

No Questions Asked!

That is how confident I am in this course!

So you can buy it at no risk whatsoever!



Final note, 

it took me a long time to create this course and I can easily sell it at least at $100 per course, this reason for this special price is the same reason I’ve been giving away free Hebrew content and helped people learn Hebrew for the past year and half and that is:

Your Passion To Learn Hebrew!

I know that you will take this course seriously and really use it and benefit from it, and that is important to me (:

But this special price will be gone soon,

So Join Learn Conversational Hebrew Course TODAY At this amazing price and Risk Free!