Coolest Hebrew Products You Must Have

By April 18, 2017Blog

Every Hebrew lover has his/hers products to show it, here are cool 5 products you will love!

Keyboard Stickers for Your Computer/Laptop

Now you can write in Hebrew from your very own keyboard, no more virtual keyboards! Try Writing מקלדת with your new stickers it means keyboard!


Hebrew Shalom T-Shirt

Show your peaceful nature by wearing the Shalom t-shirt!


Hebrew/English-English/Hebrew Dictionary

A must have for every Hebrew lover, to learn new words and practice your Hebrew!

Personalized Hebrew Name Necklace

A beautiful gift, a personalized Necklace with your name in Hebrew.

Bingo Learning Aleph Bet Board Game

Learn the Hebrew alphbet in a fun way playing the alphbet Bingo!

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