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Want to learn the Hebrew Alphbet fast ? We got you covered!

Below you will find the 22 Hebrew letters which compile the Hebrew Alphbet, every letter has it’s transliteration as well as a bouns word especially for you that starts with that letter.If you like to download this as PDF, Below you will find the Hebrew Alphabet PDF link.

Letter Transliteration Bonus Word  Meaning
א Alef Ema MOM
ב Bet Ba-it Home
ג Gimel Gamal CAMEL
ד Dalet Delet Door
ה Hey Haya Was
ו Vav Vav hook
ז Za-ein Zikaron Memory
ח Het Haver Friend
ט Tet Tor Column
י yod Ya-hol Can
כ Kaf Kipa Yamaka
ל Lamed Lisohon To Sleep
מ Mem Matana Present
נ Non Ne-hamad Nice
ס Sa-meyah Sim-ha Joy
ע Ah-ein Ah-ein Eye
פ Pea Perot Fruits
צ Tsadik Tse-dek Justice
ק Kuf Keren Ray
ר Resh Rishon First
ש Shin Sha-ela Question
ת Taf Talmid Student

hebrew alphabet PDF

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