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30 Hebrew Proverbs You Should Get To Know

Hey there, curious soul! 馃専 Ready to pick up some Hebrew proverbs? These proverbs are known to most Hebrew speakers, some are used more often than others, but this is a great way to enrich your Hebrew vocabulary.

hebrew proverbs
  1. 讜讗讛讘转 诇专注讱 讻诪讜讱. (Ve’ahavta lere’acha kamocha) – Love your neighbor as yourself
  2. 讻诇 讛驻讜住诇 讘诪讜诪讜 驻讜住诇. (Kol ha-pos猫l be-mum貌 pos猫l) – Whoever criticizes others for a flaw they possess criticizes themselves for the same flaw.
  3. 讗讬谉 讞讻诐 讻讘注诇 谞讬住讬讜谉. (Ein cha-cham Ke-ba-al nisa-yon) – There is no wisdom like experience.
  4. 住讜祝 诪注砖讛 讘诪讞砖讘讛 转讞讬诇讛. (Sof ma’aseh be-mach-sha-vat tch-la) – The end of an action lies in its beginning thought.
  5. 诪讬 砖讟专讞 讘注专讘 砖讘转 讬讗讻诇 讘砖讘转. (Mi she-tarach be-erev Shabbat yo-chal be-Shabbat) – Whoever works hard on the eve of Shabbat will eat on Shabbat.
  6. 诇讗 讻诇 讛谞讜爪抓 讝讛讘. (Lo kol ha-nots猫tz zahav) – All that glitters is not gold. (Literally: Not everything that shines is gold)
  7. 聽讛讻诇 诇讟讜讘讛(HaKol le-tova) – Everything happens for a reason. (Literally: Everything is for the good.)
  8. 诇讗 谞讜诇讚转讬 讗转诪讜诇(Lo noladti etmol) – I wasn’t born yesterday. (Meaning: I am not easily fooled.)
  9. 诇讻诇 讝诪谉, 讜注转 诇讻诇 讞驻抓 转讞转 讛砖诪讬诐 (Le-chol zman, ve-et lkol cheftz ta-chat ha-shamayim) – There is a season for everything under heaven. (Meaning: Everything has its time and place.)
  10. 讛讻诇 讘专讗砖(Ha-kol ba-rosh) – It’s all in the head. (Meaning: Your mindset and attitude can significantly impact your experience.)
  11. 讗诇 转讚讞讛 诇诪讞专 – 诪讛 砖讗转讛 讬讻讜诇 诇注砖讜转 讛讬讜诐(Al tid-che le-ma-char – ma she-ata yachol la-asot hayom) – Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. (Meaning: Procrastination can lead to missed opportunities.)
  12. 住讜祝 讟讜讘 – 讛讻诇 讟讜讘(Sof tov – ha-kol tov) – A good ending makes everything good. (Meaning: A positive outcome can make up for difficulties along the way.)
  13. 注诇 讟注诐 讜专讬讞 讗讬谉 诪讛 诇讛转讜讜讻讞-Al Ta-am Va-rae-ach, Ein Ma Le-hit-va-ke-ach –No point in arguing over taste or smell.
  14. 讗指讚指诐 诇职讗指讚指诐 讝职讗值讘– Adam Le-adam -Ze-ev- A . Literally means a man to man wolf. The meaning is that a person is usually suspicious and egocentric in his interactions.
  15. 转驻住转 诪专讜讘讛 诇讗 转驻住转- (Tafasta merube lo tafasta) – If you have grasped much, you have not grasped, Don’t bite off more than you can chew
  16. 注指讘址专职谞讜旨 讗侄转 爪址旨专职注讛止, 谞址注植讘专止 讙址旨诐 讗侄转 讝侄讛-(Avarnu et Par’oh, Na’avor gam et zeh) – We survived Pharaoh, we will survive this too- If you鈥檙e going through though times remember that we survived worst. .
  17. 讚执旨讘职专值讬 讞植讻指诪执讬诐 讘职旨谞址讞址转 谞执砖职讈诪指注执讬诐- Divrei chachamim b’nachat nishma’im- The words of the wise are heard [when spoken] softly
  18. 讛转驻讜讞 诇讗 谞讜驻诇 专讞讜拽 诪讛注抓-Ha鈥檛apuach lo nofel rachok me鈥檋a鈥檈tz 鈥 The apple does not fall far from the tree.
  19. 讗讬谉 讛谞讞转讜诐 诪注讬讚 注诇 注讬住转讜-Ein hanachtom me鈥檌d al isato – The potter does not testify about his own work.
  20. 住注专讛 讘讻讜住 转讛-Se鈥檃rah b鈥檏os teh –A storm in a teacup. This refers to a lot of unnecessary anger and worry about a matter that is not important.
  21. 讛讜住执讬祝 砖侄讈诪侄谉 诇址诪职旨讚讜旨专指讛- Hosif shemen la鈥檓edurah – Add oil to the fire. It means to worsen a situation by adding to the anger or hostility.
  22. 讛诇职讘执旨讬谉 驻谞讬 讞讘专讜 讘指旨专址讘执旨讬诐-Halebin pnei chaveiro barabim –To whiten someone鈥檚 face in public. To humiliate someone.
  23. 聽聽聽讛讚砖讗 砖诇 讛砖讻谉 讬专讜拽 讬讜转专-Hadeshe shel hashachen yarok yoter The grass is always greener on the other side.
  24. 讚执旨讬谉 驻专讜旨讟指讛 讻旨讚执旨讬谉 诪值讗指讛- Din prutah kedeen me鈥檃h –A penny鈥檚 worth is also a hundred鈥檚 worth. It suggests that the law applies equally to small and large matters.
  25. 讗讬讝讛讜讗 讛注砖讬专 讛砖诪讞 讘讞诇拽讜-Eizehu ashir 鈥 hasameach b鈥檆helko 聽Who is rich? He who rejoices in his portion. This implies that true wealth comes from being content with what one has.
  26. 诪指讜转侄 讜讞职址讬执旨讬诐 讘职旨讬讚址 讛址诇指旨砖讈讜谉- Mavet v鈥檆hayim b鈥檡ad halashon – Life and death are in the power of the tongue. This means that words have the power to create positive or negative outcomes.
  27. 谞执讻职谞址住 讬讬址谉执 讬爪指指讗 住讜讚- Nichnas yayin yatza sod – When wine enters, secrets come out. It suggests that alcohol can make people reveal their true thoughts and feelings. .
  28. 注诇 专讗砖 讛讙谞讘 讘讜注专 讛讻讜讘注- Al rosh haganav bo鈥檈r hakova – The hat burns on the thief鈥檚 head. This means that a guilty person often reveals their guilt through their behavior.
  29. 讟指诪址谉 专讗止砖讈讜 讘址旨讞讜诇- Taman rosho bachol- He buried his head in the sand. This refers to someone who is ignoring reality or avoiding facing a problem.
  30. 聽诪爪讗 诪讬谉 讗转 诪讬谞讜- Matza min et mino- Like two peas in a pod. when there鈥檚 a good match/connection between people.

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