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Common Ways to Say Goodbye in Hebrew

Saying goodbye isn’t easy but it’s good to know how to. Whether you’re leaving a casual gathering or ending a formal meeting, here are some of the most common expressions used to say goodbye in Hebrew:

1. Shalom (שָׁלוֹם)

  • Pronunciation: Shalom.
  • Meaning: Hello, Goodbye and Peace.

2. Lehitraot (לְהִתְרָאוֹת)

  • Pronunciation: leh-hit-ra-ot.
  • Meaning: See you later.

3. Yalla Bye (יאללה ביי)

  • Pronunciation: Yaala Bye.
  • Meaning: Goodbye in a very casual, slang way (Yaala is from Arabic and means let’s go).

4. Sheeiye Lecha Yom Tov. שיהיה לך יום טוב. (Talking to a male)

  • Pronunciation: She-ei-ye le-cha Yom Tov.
  • Meaning: Have a good day.

5. Sheeiye Lach Yom Tov. (שיהיה לך יום טוב). (Talking to a female)

  • Pronunciation: She-ei-ye lach Yom Tov.

5. Shavua Tov (שָׁבוּעַ טוֹב)

  • Pronunciation: Shavoa toh.
  • Meaning: Have a good week.

6. Nesia Tova (נְסִיעָה טוֹבָה)

  • Pronunciation: Neh-see-ah tova.
  • Meaning: Have a good trip.

7. Nitraeh – (נתראה)

  • Pronunciation: Nit-ra-eh.
  • Meaning: I’ll/We’ll see you .

8. Ani Chayav Larootz (M)/ Ani Chayevet Larootz (F)- (אני חייב לרוץ\אני חייבת לרוץ)

  • Pronunciation: Ani Cha-yav La-rootz (M), Ani Cha-yevet La-rootz (F).
  • Meaning: I gotta run.

9. Ani Olech (M)/ Ani Olechet (F) – (אני הולך\אני הולכת)

  • Pronunciation: Ani Oh-lech (M), Ani Oh-lech-et (F).
  • Meaning: I’m going.

Do you know more words and phrases to say goodbye in Hebrew? Let us know in the comments

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